Original Tummy Tub

“It is so easy to bathe in the Tummy Tub”

Tummy Tub

“bathing time can be a reassuring ritual


Original Tummy Tub


Welcome home

Congratulations on your new little treasure – we wish you and your baby all the best! All of your child’s needs were catered to in the warm embrace of your womb. Birth brings about lots of changes and new experiences, like hunger, thirst, bright light, unfiltered sound, cold and the full force of gravity.


In the early 90s, midwives in the Netherlands discovered, that babies benefit from baths that emulate what it feels like to be inside the womb. The tummy tub® has been developed by professionals – this unique bath tub is made to emulate the womb and makes it easier for your baby after the birth to adjust to the stress and unfamiliar experiences in the world around them. It provides complete warmth and support, helping your baby to relax and remain calm in a prenatal position.